Exterior design

We make your exterior unforgettable! Our mission is to create an outstanding design for your yachts, car or interior.

Interior design

One word... Breathtaking! New spirit for your interior, a fragment of the cost and time vs. standard refurbishment. You going to be literally shocked by the authenticity of the premium materials.


Avoid expensive and never-ending repairs! Do you like your current design? You have to protect the precious cabin! No tears, scratches or paint damage are allowed! Look like a new for decades preserved.


No buffing or polishing required! Easy wash with soap and water, that's all what is needed.

Unique customization

Only limit is your imagination! Bespoke design tailored to your style! Be the only one in the world!

Cost effective

Save your money! Incomparable costs with repaints or refits. Besides, quality is never compromised.

Fast application

No need to wait months if you can have it in days. The transformation is fast and affordable.

Save and protect

Wrap is resistant to salt water and UV. Protect your paint and interior surfaces from wear and tear.

Increase resale

Which boat is going to be faster and better resold? The one with visible scars of usage, or with preserved and protected surfaces, or even re-designed to current trends and design standards?

Try it now!

Demonstrates difference with our wrapping foils.

About REBELNOBEL philosophy

REBELNOBEL is high-skilled and professional exterior and interior finisher, specializing in the installation of advanced Vinyl Wrapping solutions to transform the design of your yacht, car or home. On the market since 2006!

We already saved to our clients millions and years if we compare our solutions vs. standard paint or old-school refurbishment.

Our application techniques are based on years realization and research of vinyl wrap installation. We have a highly professional team with a wide range of skills in different segments such us the yacht industry, automotive, home renewal, CE, art and others. We ensure seamless flow from A to Z!

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Unlimited possibilities!


Van Dutch 30

Otam 58

Baia 72

Azimut 80

Sunseeker 92

Mangusta 108

Princess 113

Benetti 132

Turquoise 181

Our Process

  • Yacht analysis & surface evaluation
  • Creating your own design
  • Surface preparation & application
  • Trimming & softening
  • Finishing

REBELNOBEL is high-skilled and professional exterior and interior finisher, specialising in the installation of advanced Vinyl Wrapping solutions to transform design of your yacht, car or home.

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