Rethink the possibilities.

Transforming your existing surfaces is within reach when you use vinyl wrap architectural finishes. Let's do it faster. Do it for less. Do it today with us! Using our vinyl wrap technologies in hands of our experts means you can count on professional installation with stunning results.

Achieve Desired Aesthetics

Design possibilities are virtually endless. From raw natural finishes to industrial shades, individuals are able to find the right look for every project.

Easy Application

Application is simple, efficient and long-lasting on smooth and rough surfaces alike, without bubbling.

Refresh and Transform

Experience a turnkey transformation without the waste, time and labor costs of a comprehensive renovation by utilizing existing spaces and assets as canvases for the new and modern.

Luxury Within Your Budget

Enjoy the benefits of a remodel without the costs of gutting and installing new assets – plus labor. Our solution is light, easy to install and brings life to existing spaces.

Easy maintanance

No polishing required!
Easy wash with soap and water like painting. That's all what is needed.

Fast application

We change design of your car in hours! No need to wait!
Transformation is fast and saving costs.


Hours of Works


Projects Complete


MEters of foil


interiors refurbished


REBELNOBEL is high-skilled and professional exterior and interior finisher, specialising in the installation of advanced Vinyl Wrapping solutions to transform design of your home, cars or yacht.

Why replace expensive fixtures and surfaces when you can resurface them in decorative metal, sophisticated marble and luxurious wood designs at a fraction of the costs? Our architectural finishes let you transform your spaces with less downtime, less labor and less waste!


Customization, protection and uniqueness!

Change the design of your property now!