Car Wrapping

We make your exterior unforgettable!
Our only task is to create outstanding design for your car!

Interior Wrapping

One word... Breathtaking! New spirit of your car interior, amount options is unlimited! Real look is beyond your expectations.

PAint Protection

Do you have a new car? You should protect it! No tears, scratches or paint damages allowed! Stay like a new one for decades.

Unique customization

Only limmit is yours imagination! Bespoke design tailored to your style! Be the only one on the world!

Save and protect

Wrap is salty watter and UV resistant. Protect your paint and gel coat surfaces from wear and tear.

Cost effective

Save your money! Incomparable costs with repaints or refits. And no quality compromise.

Increase resale

Make sure your car looks like new when re-selling. Easy return to original design and value maintenance.

Easy maintanance

No polishing required! Easy wash with soap and water like painting. That's all what is needed.

Fast application

We change design of your car in hours! No need to wait! Transformation is fast and saving costs.

Car Inspiration for you

About REBELNOBEL philosophy

REBELNOBEL is high-skilled and professional exterior and interior finisher, specialising in the installation of advanced Vinyl Wrapping solutions to transform design of your car, yacht or home.

Our application techniques are based on years realization and research of vinyl wrap installation. We have highly professional team with wide-range skills in different segments such us yacht industry, automotive, home renewal, CE, art and others. We ensure seamless flow from A-Z!

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Customization, protection and uniqueness!

Change the design of your car now!